I have been visiting France for the last 22 years and have had many fantastic experiences out there.

We even lived there for a while before we were married, working for my father in a supermarket in la Salvetat sur agout in the Midi Pyrenees.

While living there I even played rugby for a season with L’O.M.L. in Lacaune les Bains and again a truly magical time and many great friends made.

My father has been living out there now for the last 22 years, hence my reason for visiting.

He and my step mam were live in managers of holiday domains.

Now retired my father lives in Lunel on the edge of the beautiful Camargue and it is this area that has to be my favourite of all. Not just the 300 days of sun a year but there is always something to do, somewhere to go and something to see in this fantastic Med region of France.

The Lunel fete is a true joy to behold and epitomises everything that is wonderful about the Camargue region from the White horses and Black bulls to the lakes of flamingos, a true nature lovers paradise. The fete is based around the Camargue traditions and most of the fete is centred around the Arena where the Course Camaguaise takes centre stage.

This is the local version of bullfighting but not as you may think!

There are local leagues and big prize money involved and the object is to remove ribbons that are attached to the bulls horns.

The “Raseteur” – bullfighter are on foot and rely solely on speed and agility to try to retrieve a rosette and get out of the arena floor before the bull sticks his horns in a very painful place!

All the bulls are completely unhurt and in fact a good angry bull gets more cheers than the poor guys runing aound in up to 40 degrees being chased by it!

This is filmed in Nimes arena but gives you a taste of what these guys do to earn a living!

Every day during the fete the local Bull breeders bring their bulls to the arena and this is a spectacular sight as the bulls are “run” between a V of Camargue cowboys on their white horses, truly magnificent.

For anyone that goes to France year on year I guarantee you that you will think you are in a different country when visiting the Languedoc region and of course another reason that this region is famous, it has some of the very best wine in France and at 1 euro a litre from the Cave Cooperative! you can afford to enjoy it.

Guest Post kindly written by @vixtay

Bull running in Lunel Fète – Languedoc Roussillon
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